Celebrazione Merce Cunningham

Experiences 2, text by e.e.cummings, John Cage 1948
Sweat love my troath is gurgling, lyrics by Merce Cunningham, from Four Walls, John Cage 1944
Aria, Milano 1958, John Cage
Trismegistus, 2019

Photo in black & white by Emanuel Pimenta

Imagine by Emanue&Luciana

                                                                                                        Text by Hermes Trismegistus (the first 4 thesis)

In July 14 2019 Punta Campanella (tenuta del Genio) celebrated the hundred years of Merce Cunningham, with concerts, lecture, movies and a special concert by the soprano Ana Spasic and the composer and flutist Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta. Ana Spasic studied at the celebrated Conservatory of Milan (where also studied Puccini, Claudio Abbado among others) and worked with the Italian composer Daniele Lombardi becoming a specialist on John Cage. Emanuel Pimenta started as commissioned composer for Merce Cunningham in 1986, creating several concerts for him.
At Punta Campanella, Pimenta also gave a lecture, presented some of his movies and two published books in celebration of Merce Cunningham's hundred years. Ana Spasic performed Cage's songs written by Merce Cunningham and by ee cummings, beyong a fragment of Cage's Aria.
The event was dedicated to Valeria and Alberto del Genio, who transformed Punta Campanella into a contemporary art, music and philosophy reference. In 2004, del Genio and Pimenta created the Holotopia Art, Sciences, Philosophy and Music Academy there.
Punta Campanella is a magical place in the Amalfi Coast, between Sorrento and Positano. It is said that it was described by Homer as the place where Ulysses met the sirens.