The Israeli Women Composers and Performers Forum 

Tel-Aviv 30.11.2016, Striker Auditorium

Women Composers and Performers Music Festival

FLUTE-like VOICE xx (programme):

1. Soprano and flute

Ljubica Marić

(Yugoslavia, 1909-2003)

"Чудесни Mилиграм" (1992)

("Čudesni Miligram/

Wonderous milligram")

2. Alto Flute

Kaija Saariaho (Finland, 1952)

"Couleurs du vent" (1998)

("Colours of the Wind")

3. Soprano, flute and triangle

Maria Vatenina (Russia, 1976)

"A' cause du Soleil" (2014) *

("Because of the Sun")

from L'Étranger by A.Camus

4. Soprano

Carla Rebora (Italy, 1973)

"Hymne - 5" 

(from Hymnenby Carla Magnan& Carla Rebora, 2005) *

(texts Hymns to the Night by Novalis)

5. Soprano with Irish bodhran

Linda Dusman (USA, 1956)

"Elio: Visions of Light II " (2007) *

(Sappho's fragments)

6. Flute

Cheryl Frances Hoad

(England, 1980)

"Bouleumeta" (2008) *

(βουλεύματα - Medea's final speech)

7. Soprano

Benedetta Cappa Marinetti

(Italy, 1897-1977)

"I'io ottimista fra le rotaie del pessimismo"

(The optimistic I between the rails of pessimism)

from "The human force" (1924) *

8. Speaking flute

Sonia Bo (Italy, 1960)

"L'arbitro, il merlo, il vaporetto che va a Ischia ..." (2001) *

("The referee, the blackbird, the water bus which goes to Ischia ...")

9. Soprano and flute

Hagar Kadima (Israel, 1957)

"Her Days" (2016)

(an English re-interpretation of the original 2013 Hebrew version for soprano and clarinet)

(Text: Shin Shifra, 

from A Woman Who Practices How to Live, 2001)

10. Flute

Marina Leonardi (Italy, 1970)

"Sides" (2013) *

· Soprano and flute

Hana Ajiashvili (Israel, 1972)

"None is travelling here..."

(2016) ** :

I " From time to time..."

II "The Butterfly "

III "None is travelling here..."

(poems by Basho)

* Israeli premiere

** World premiere